“Her pop expression has found it’s own edge. Especially in the vocals that are both captivating and fleeting. It escapes any attempt at retention, but like sand between the hands it holds both structure and density”
(Gaffa about the EP ‘Stars on Silver)

While growing up in Denmark, and a true product of Scandinavia, Cecilie’s inspiration is actually transatlantic. Cecilie started writing songs on the piano at an early age, and by 15 one of her songs achieved national airplay in Denmark. At 21, she came in second place in the Danish “Starfighters” competition taking home the award for best vocalist. Currently based in NYC, she loves the diversity and spontaneity the city offers but maintains that Paris, where she spent time developing her songwriting style, is where her artistic voice was born. Cecilie released her first solo single, My Days, in August 2011 for Labrador Music. The song was featured in a national television ad campaign aired throughout Scandinavia. Her second single, ‘Mad One’, was sent out with the EP, ‘Stars on Silver’, which was recorded with producer Kristian Martinsen, and was well received at the Danish radio station, P3, among others. She is currently working on a new singer/songwriter EP collaborating with people in both Denmark and the US.

Contact: Nordic Manager: Morten Hundahl, mh@swingbaby.dk

(Cover Photo by Kristine Boel )